The NovaSure® procedure is a quick, safe, simple, one-time endometrial ablation treatment that can be performed in the offices at Personalized Women’s Healthcare. This minimally invasive procedure controls heavy bleeding (menorrhagia) and only needs to be performed once to lighten or stop your periods. NovaSure is proven safe and successful without the side effects of hormones or the risks of hysterectomy. No pre-treatment drugs are required.

Most women experience no pain after the procedure, and can return to work and regular activities the next day. With more than 500,000 patients treated to date, a clinical trial has shown that more than 9 out of 10 women return to normal or lower than normal bleeding levels following treatments with NovaSure. For some women, their periods even stopped completely. Many women also experienced a reduction in PMS and painful periods, as well as other benefits such as less anxiety, greater self-confidence, and a boost in energy.

Visit the NovaSure website to learn more about the benefits and risks of this procedure for endometrial ablation.

Updates: New contact number: 972.473.2020

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